College awards Bicentennial Medals in private ceremony

In a private ceremony on Friday President of the College Harry C. Payne

awarded six Bicentennial Medals to graduates of the college. The

Bicentennial Medals were established in 1993 on Williams 200th

anniversary and honor Williams graduates for exceptional achievement in

their chosen fields.The recipients of this year’s medals were: John

Frankenheimer `51, Paul S. Grogan `72, A. Clayton Spencer `77, Henry

Strong `55, John W. Toland `36 and Preston R. Washington `70.A film and

television director, John Frankenheimer probably is best known for his

psychological thrillers, including “Birdman of Alcatraz” and “The

Manchurian Candidate.” His films have earned 38 Academy Awards in

numerous categories.Grogan has been president and CEO of the Local

Initiatives Support Corporation since 1986. This organization utilizes

both donations and investment capital to finance revitalization of inner

city and rural areas nationwide. Grogan also was involved in the

development of the federal housing acts of 1986 and 1990.Spencer is the

former chief education counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Labor

Relations and Human Resources. She supervised passage of the 1993

Student Reform Act which established the Direct Loan Program. Spencer

currently works as a consultant for universities in higher education law

and policy. She also has taught a course on federal higher education

policy for Harvard University.Strong has led the Hattie M. Strong

Foundation since 1966. The Strong foundation was founded by his

grandmother and offers interest-free loans to students across the

country in the final year of college or graduate school. The foundation

also awards grants for educational opportunities in Washington D.C.

Toland helped pioneer the field of historical journalism. His book “The

Rising Sun,” which tells of Japan’s role in World War II, won the 1971

Pulitzer Prize for non-fiction. In addition he has won four Overseas

Press Club awards for his books on foreign affairs.Washington has been

the president and CEO of Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement

since 1987. The conglomerate of 60 congregations has introduced more

than 1,100 affordable housing units and 21 commercial store fronts for

local entrepreneurs. At his own church, Washington has directed an

intensive program of community outreach including development of

tenant-owned cooperative housing.

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